Saturday, July 25, 2009

Welcome to Niyatra

First of all, Welcome to Niyatra. Niyatra is a Nepali term meaning 'continuous journey'. I hope this blog journey will continue today onwards.

I am new to blogging world. I used to write on paper earlier however, with the access of computers, I feel writing in digital format. Hence, I have created this blog to share my creations to the world. I am not a computer guy also. I will learn to post in Nepali first then start uploading my posts written a long time back. After wards, I will post new articles. Therefore, my blog will be a blend of Nepali and English posts containing everything: feelings, emotions, travel, news, poems, stories, or jokes.

You may find some of the posts already published in other papers or magazines. If you also like to share your creations through a contributor to the blog, I welcome you to do so. I will try to update the blog regularly. Please visit the blog and give your valuable comments and suggestions. Again, I welcome to my blog.

Thank you